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We should exert the same importance and care to our environment as well as to the quality of our products, which are necessitated by our total quality management system.

To achieve this;
By realization of continuous research and development, utilization of both our internal data accumulation within our own company and information sources provided by science, and following the published documents about environment and all related legislative regulations; keeping our policy open to everyone’s surveying;

Make preferences in processes, which prevent or diminish the consumption of natural sources. Prefer recycling or re-usage methods and units.

Save energy.
Minimize wastes discharged to air, water and earth or to make wastes as harmless as possible.

Train our employees about environment and create environmental consciousness as if for survival.

Provide training to our suppliers in order to enable them also to be environmentally friendly.
Provide continuity of the work carried out for environment, and improve it continuously to a better level.

Confirm the conformance to ISO 14001 standard in all of our processes during ductile and gray cast iron production.

All these have been accepted as the main principles of our Environmental Policy.
ISO 14001