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Reliable, dynamic and innovative approach to use resources with the right and effective, to create the highest level of value for customers, employees, partners and society, with product and service to be a leading foundry in Europe in accordance with the quality system requirements.

DEMİSAŞ A.Ş. creates customer satisfaction by producing products and services that exceed the customer requests and expectations by removing the non-value added transactions with the lowest costs and by offering the customers in the determined term.

For this purpose,
* Determining customer requests and expectations, designing processes to meet them completely, with the principle of "make first and every time true" of continuity of process ability and reliability,
* Business cooperation with suppliers in response to customer expectations,
* To improve the knowledge and skills of all personnel in accordance with current developments and needs, job satisfaction at every stage and to constantly raise living standards,
* Priority of quality in all processes, participation of all employees in accordance with quality targets and improvement of quality consciousness by using the skills at the highest level,
* By carrying out the necessary revisions and investments in all of its processes, following new technologies,
* Supporting innovative work,
* Improvements, 5S studies, poka yoke studies, suggestions, ergonomics studies etc. continuous improvement with activities, increasing employee and customer satisfaction,
* We have established a management system based on continuous improvement and providing the most efficient use of materials, labor, time and facilities resources.

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