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Demisaş is Entitled to "TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate"

Our fight against "Covid-19 New Type Coronavirus", which started in China since December 2019, has affected the whole world and has emerged in our country as of March 2020, continues without slowing down. From the date of the first case in our country until today, as DEMİSAŞ, we have been working with maximum devotion to ensure that our employees and our social environment are not affected by this health problem by meeting the requirements set by the Ministry of Health and other institutions within the framework of all scientific literature information.

In order to base all these studies on a strong proof, DEMİSAŞ has also taken initiatives with TSE, the official institution of our country that registers its standards in many areas, and successfully completed the "Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Audit" carried out by TSE in July 2020 at our workplace and earned “Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate '', with this document, the work we have done has once been confirmed by TSE.

Demisaş will continue to work at full speed from now on, applying importance to national and international standards in all of its works.

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