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Demisaş' "Big Scale Organization" Award

Demisaş' 2019 "Metal Industry Sector - Big Scale Organization" Awart - Kocaeli Chamber of Industry organized the 12th ’Sectoral Performance Evaluation Award Ceremony this year. In the evaluation companies;  has been valuated in topics of productivity, employment, innovation, branding, financial results, employee development / awareness and contribution to society. As a result of the evaluation, 24 companies were awarded in SME, Large and Medium Sized Business branches.
DEMİSAŞ was deemed worthy of the ’Large Scale Enterprise of the Metal Industry Sector’ by Kocaeli Chamber of Industry. At the award ceremony held on 06 December 2019,  "Metal Industry Sector Large Scale Enterprise" award was presented by Mr. Hasan Tahsin TUĞRUL, Chairman of the Assembly of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, on behalf of our company, to Mr. Hayrettin ÇAYCI, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
As DEMISAS; For over 40 years, we have established long-term relationships with our customers with high quality standards through the principle of Reliability, the flexibility to produce solutions that meet our customers' unique needs through taking the flexibility of our structure and  anticipating the demands of the sector and offer solutions beyond the trends with strive to maintain the principle of innovation.We would like to express our gratitude to all the organizations of the foundry and metal industry, which made us proud with various awards.

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