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Demisaş wins TÜDÖKSAD Environment Award

DEMİSAŞ, with the awareness that even small changes will return as an important contribution to our world in order to prevent increasing consumption and pollution of the natural life, resources and forests. DEMİSAŞ carries out the improvement studies on the environment and energy with all employees and  evaluates and actualises every opportunity carefully.
 DEMİSAŞ participated in the Eco-Challenge  by TUDOKSAD on be half of The late Mr. Erdogan Nas (Erkunt General Manager, TUDOKSAD Environment Committee Chairman)  to share the improvements and in order to provide assessment  in 2018.

A team selected from TÜDÖKSAD Environmental Committee members evaluated the practices and improvement studies in the field. Scoring was done after the site visits to the participating facilities and DEMİSAŞ was awarded the FIRST PRIZE with the best score and the award was presented to DEMİSAŞ in the presence of all the participants on the opening day of the 10th International Foundry Congress.

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