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Demisas Has Been Growing Up In MetalCcutting With Its New Invesments

Demisas has invested in  new horizontal machining OKUMA MA500 HII and vertical machining DOOSAN VC430. At the end of 2014 and at the beginning of 2015, the 3 OKUMA horizontal machining stand were setup and operators were trained. At the new horizontal machining stands, Wabco carrier samples are already being produced. In this context, first and second sample products are implemented at the second stand and the plan is to start mass production for those products in April. At the same time, the sample products for 3. And 4. References are still being produced at 3. OKUMA horizontal machining stand. The mass production for those pieces will be starting in May. Again in the Wabco carrier Project context, a new OKUMA horizontal machinig stand orders were given and it is aimed to use those ones in September 2015. With this new investment, it is agreed with Wabco and 11 reference pieces will be continued sample production and then mass production.

The DOOSAN VC430 vertical machining stands which were invested and setup in 2014 are using in the mass production with Valeo flywheel production line.By using the new stand, the production in flywheel has been already increased and it has affected lean production system positively with its contribution to solid flow system.

With the implementation of new automatic balanced stand which was ordered in 2015, the capacity increment in the current flywheel-brake disk line and improvement in solid flow system is aimed. Demisas will definitely continue to invest in 2016 like invesments in 2014 and 2015.

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