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Traditional Demisas Picnics

As a tradition, İznik Picnic events was organized for all workers incoopertion with Demisas and Birlesik Metal-İs Union on 23rd of July, 30th of July and 6th of August in 2017. During this 3 weeks, the all workers and their families had lots of fun, besides they socialized with each others. There were breakfast, lunch, ice cream service and park for kids during the picnic event and also for kids balloon and ball were given. Kids and families had so much fun due to mascots with different characters.

In the picnic on 30th of July, there was a pray for the Abdullah Tufan and his family who passed away in a sad accident. The employee and his family were remembered in sadness.

As a part of Demisas family all employees and their families had fun and cheerful hours during 3 weeks in Traditional Iznik Picnic.

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