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Demisas Was Rewarded One More Time For Its Export Success

Demisas that is a member of Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association and also takes place in first thousand exporter lists of Turkey Exporters Assembly was rewarded for its export success in 2014.

In the award ceremony which was organized by IDDMIB on 8th of December 2015, the 75 companies which had contributions to Turkey’s export volume were given their prize by Veysel Parlak who is Ministry of Economy Export General Manager, Tahsin Oztiryaki who is Deputy Chairman of TIM, Ridvan Mertoz who is president of IDDMIB and Erdal Bahcivan who is president of ISO.

On behalf of Demisas, Fuat Sucu got the prize and after the ceremony Demisas General Manager Hakan Yasar said that:

“The iron-steel sector has an important role in industrial production and export. The cast sector which is serving to automotive and machice productions is growing and developing day by day. The large export volume which comes from mostly country resources has positive impact on current account deficit problem of Turkey. But the quality of production and sales are not that valuable. The companies should improve their talents,  complete their deficits, get their capital structure stronger and then lead their production and market to the more qualified productions in a fast way. We should have brand value companies instead of worthless third party suppliers for European companies  by developing our process, research and development. For every piece produced and sold, we should search the value that can be added, in case there is no possibility in the market or production we should evaluate our valuable capacities in the production groups that are less competitive but more valuable. Once upon a time factors seems as advantage like employment costs, low level automation, loss of efficiency, lack of education cannot keep us competitive anymore. The production lines which were set up just because of those factors have lost their competitiveness in 10 years. The companies that are valuable and have export volume should be supported  by incentives, especially qualified intermediate staff should not be a problem anymore. The educational policy should be prepared in parallel with industrialization, research and development policy. Instead of wage and prim support to unqualified employee, an educational system should be built which will reveal qualified employees. In Europe, even construction worker has a technical knowledge and certificate, in emerging Turkey we are trying to training techical staff from farm labourer or regular high school graduate. If we can’t close the gap, unqualified contract manufacturing will increasing while to reach to valuable and technological products will be harder and harder.

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